We are building a unique, nation-wide postdoc network.

Earlier this year, the Borstel Postdoc Initiative instigated a meeting with the president of the Leibniz Association, Matthias Kleiner, and representatives from all Leibniz sections.

We discussed possibilities to establish a nation-wide network of all postdoc representatives within the Leibniz Association, the first of its kind in Germany.


We are delighted to announce that we organized a first, 2-day kick-off meeting with all interested postdoc representatives and those that want to start a Postdoc Association at their institute. Invited speakers are, among others,

Matthias Kleiner, Leibniz president

Stefan Ehlers, CEO of Research Center Borstel

Liz Elvidge, head of the Postdoc Development Center, Imperial College London

and representatives from academia funding organizations and industry.


We will also organize various workshops, including next step strategies and how to start a postodc association at my institute.

The meeting will take place from 26th October until 27th October (lunch to lunch) at the manor house in Borstel


We are looking forward to the meeting and hope to see you there!


The Bostel Postdoc Initiative


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